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IF3E - Institut de Formation à l'Ergonomie des Equipements Equins

Professional training open to all

Train for a new profession:

A comprehensive training course comprising


A unique training course found nowhere else in the world!



Horse Tack Fitter: a real profession

Being both a BIT FITTER and a SADDLE FITTER, this consultant is a professional trained and specialised in advising and adapting horse equipment.

The BIT FITTER adjusts bits, bitless bridles and snaffle bridles.

The SADDLE FITTER adjusts saddles and girths.

Concerned about the comfort and well-being of the animal and listening to the owner, the HORSE TACK FITTER takes into account the morphology and biomechanics of the horse, the constraints of the discipline as well as the expectations of the rider or the handler in order to provide appropriate advice.

Our philosophy

The Institut de Formation à l'Ergonomie des Equipements is a training centre that allows you to be immersed in the professional environment of the equestrian field. Theoretical but above all practical courses prepare you for jobs related to equine ergonomics. We believe that the experience acquired during practical work is as valuable as the theory! Join our team to acquire the knowledge and skills to start your professional life!

Our training course

Certification training open to all

Practical application of your lessons with internships: equine dentist, osteopath, bit fitter, saddle fitter, etc.

Duration: 266H spread out over 38 days. From September to May. 5 days per month, from Monday to Friday.

Target audience

  • Professionals in the equine industry: osteopaths, farriers, veterinarians, equine dental technicians, riding teachers, saddlers, etc.
  • People in retraining.
  • Anyone looking for professional training.
  • Anyone with a passion for horses who wishes to expand their knowledge.

Conditions of access

  • Adult.
  • Be able to provide evidence of:
    • CAP level (related to a horse trade).
    • OR General Baccalaureate,
    • OR diploma related to the world of horses.
    • OR on a per-case basis subject to you being familiar with the approach to horses.

Objective: Become a professional HORSE TACK FITTER

Job opportunities

France has nearly 1,200,000 horses!

IF3E is currently the only training centre in the world to offer training in the new profession of horse tack fitter to help horses feel good in their equipment.

At 3 visits per day or 660 visits per year, it would take a horse tack fitter 1818 years to provide advice on the entire population of horses in France alone...

Components of the training course

Knowledge of the mouth



Bridles and bitless bridles


Applied Biomechanics

Biomechanics of locomotion

Saddle Fitting

Conduct of a Consultation

Modern technologies


schools, rider posture, regulations

Practical and personal work

throughout the training course

Final examination

theory and practical

The program

All the subjects taught start with a theoretical course in the classroom. The lessons are then put into practice with the support of the teacher. Finally, practical work carried out independently by the student, as well as an evaluation, allows us to check the acquisition of knowledge.

Nearly 10 SUBJECTS will be taught to you! Anatomy, Myology, Study of bits and bridles, Podology, Applied biomechanics, Study of different saddles, Leather work, Posturology, Observation of locomotion, Creation and management of a company, Communication, etc.

Everything to make our students competent future professionals!

In-person learning

  • Ecuries des Platanes à Estrées-Saint-Denis 60190 (15mn from Compiègne)
  • Saumur (49)
  • Veurne (Belgique)


Some of the courses are held by video conference


Accommodation, meals and transport are at the student's expense.

People with disabilities

Please contact us so that we can make arrangements to offer you adapted solutions.

The Founders

available and dynamic professionals

Benjamin PLESSY

General Director – Farrier specialising in biomechanics and locomotion

Based near Bernay, Benjamin travels throughout Normandy and the Île-de-France region offering his services as an osteopath and farrier specialising in orthopaedics. A qualified professional in these two disciplines, he shares your passion for horses. Benjamin will gladly demonstrate to you the importance of good legs and good osteopathic bases to promote the comfort and the performance of your horses. EVERYTHING is connected, that's why it is important to have a full overview of your athlete!


Projects & Development Manager – Bit fitter & Equine Dentist

Géraldine Vandevenne also known as Equibitfit is a Bit Fitter operating in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and abroad. Dentist and Bit Fitter, Géraldine will train you on the importance of observing your horse's mouth as well as the adjustments of the bit and bridle. With many training courses, events, congresses and more to her name, it can be said without exaggeration that that teaching is her strong suit! Moreover, Géraldine coordinates your trainers in order to bring you the best consultants during your professional training and to ensure that you have acquired all the relevant and necessary knowledge by the end of your training course! You will also benefit from her extensive address book to find your internship.

The Trainers

practicing consultants specialised in the equine field

Benjamin PLESSY

Osteopath and Farrier teaching in various training centres


Equine Dentist & Bit and Bridle Fitter


Veterinarian specialised in Equine Dentistry

Jean-Philippe LEON

Riding Instructor – Member of ALLEGE IDEAL "Promotion of French Classical Riding"


Animal Behaviour Consultant & Bit fitter


Founder of Equine Studies specialised in equine biomechanics


Level 2 Instructor of Centred Riding

Clotilde WIBAUX

Saddler & Saddle Fitter


Master Saddler & Riding Instructor


Saddle Fitter & Expert in measurements for saddle fitting


Veterinarian. High level sportswoman specialised in carriage driving


Research & Development at the Institut Français du Cheval et de l'équitation (IFCE)

Your registration pathway

  • Initial contact and request for information via our contact form

  • Receipt of the application form and sending it This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Administrative and accounting validation of the complete application

  • Organisation of an interview within 15 days by videoconference (30 min.)

  • Signature of the Agreement – Sending of the trainee’s booklet

  • Start of the training course.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You are finally a student at IF3E!

You now have access to an online pedagogical platform that will support you throughout the course of your training. You will find

  • Your course materials
  • Tracking of your intermediate and final test scores
  • Tracking of your practical work
  • Tracking of your internships with different professionals

Are you looking for professional training with active consultants?

Fill in the form to receive the training programme, the schedule and the registration form. You can attach a document if necessary and specify your project in the message field.

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